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July 25, 2017

To e-reader or not

'levitate fairy' work in progress
I have always love reading actual paper books and I never thought to get an e-reader but now I've changed my mind. Just a little. Okay, maybe a whole lot. To be honest, I don't want yet another gadget to charge like my phone (which I have to charge every couple of days or or else no power) but I was enticed. I like the idea of having tons of books to read all at once in a little gadget.
'I like white gadgets'
I think one of the best reason to have an e-reader is so I can borrow books from the library. And also, in a way, I can test out books and read only the ones I want to continue reading and it also saves on trees or so I think though I doubt I would be saving any actual trees as most books have already been printed but it's a nice thought.

But of course there is the problem of choosing which one. I have read reviews, comparison reviews and such and I'm a little hesitant. I am considering getting Amazon's regular Kindle OR Kindle Paperwhite. I'm leaning toward the regular Kindle but the Paperwhite is kind of enticing with their 300 ppi resolution but since I won't be reading a lot on the e-reader, I wonder if spending more on the Paperwhite version is worth it. Both Kindles are quite similar with battery life, black and white display (It is a bit sad that the book covers will not be in color) and same screen size, etc. but Paperwhite is thought to be the slightly better model.

So which do you think I should get: the regular Kindle or the Paperwhite? Or do you think I should get a different brand?

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