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July 7, 2017

Seven things that will make a blogger happy or at least, slightly happy

Today is July 7 (7/7) so I thought I write a list of 7 things. This list sort of came from someone's else's idea from a post I had read a while back but now I don't have the link. These are, I think, good ways to support a blogger especially for those who don't use social media like me though these can benefit any bloggers because we all want some sort of sign that someone reads our blog, right?

Seven things that will make a blogger happy or at least, slightly happy:

01/ Leave a comment on their blog — very obvious but it may as well be the number one reason I blog because quite frankly, no matter how much I think I'm blogging for myself, I like having readers & I like having my posts read

02/ Use affiliated links — such as Amazon, Book Depository, any sites that you might shop from, though the blogger will earns very little money off it, it still does something

03/ Follow/subscribe to their blog — I have bloglovin' and set a link to subscribe by email but I really have no understanding of either one, it just seems to me readers just follow/subscribe and sort of forget whatever blog they follow/subscribe but maybe that's not true

04/ Send an email — is just saying 'hello' enough? I don't always know. I sort of think leaving comments is more effective but you can send a blogger email and I'm sure you'll get a respond

05/ Mention a blogger or link to their blog in your post — it's just nice to promote other bloggers, how else could you tell people about all the great blogs you encounter? social media sure but since I don't have any of that, posting blog links is really all I can do. So here's 7 blogs that I think you should visit today:
1) Beauty Flows
2) Joojoo
3) Knitting the wind
4) Twentythree am
5) Curating Cuteness
6) Just way too boss
7) La vie graphite

06/ Buy their stuff — many bloggers are artists and writers who already have art & books to sell so why not buy from them?

07/ Simply visit their blog — yes, just a visit, browse, read, digest information, I do it all the time because I find just enjoying a blog is sometimes enough but it does sometimes prompt me to leave a comment or two

What ways do you spread blog love?

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