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June 8, 2017

Top Ten Thursday: Favorite Place

This week's Top Ten Thursday is ten reasons that make our favourite place on earth so special. I don't actually have any particular favorite place so I'm going with New York.

Reasons New York is special according to me:

01/ the Brooklyn Bridge — it's a good experience even if you only walk half of the Brooklyn Bridge, don't quite know what it is but it just seems like you haven't really been to NY until you walk the bridge

02/ sky view — okay, I'm sure you can see the sky everywhere but it's different in different places

03/ the unexpected — there's always something going on in the streets. once in a while, you might catch someone wearing a panda costume or doing a backflip or playing music

04/ the subway — without it, I would pretty much be struck at home or walk everywhere, some people like taxis but I like the subway, not even sure how to hail a taxi

05/ the parks — there are some beautiful parks, my favorite is the Battery Park/Robert Wagner Jr. Park which is probably as long as Central Park but at least, you won't get too lost as it is one long straight line with a few curves

06/ Strand book store — the main store is at 12th Street and Broadway, what else is there to say except books!

07 — 10/ Bicycles —  I'm too lazy to think of more so #7 through #10 are bicycles around New York city - aren't they gorgeous? I think I would like the blue/mint version (photo 1) if I actually know how to ride a bicycle and even not, I would take it around the city and photograph it

What's special about your favorite place?

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