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June 29, 2017

Top Ten Thursday: Blogging Journey

diary of a lazy blogger
This Thursday, Tamara at Part-time Hockey Mom celebrates her 5th blog anniversary. Since I can't cook, I made a cake image instead.  Happy Anniversary Tamara!
For Tamara

This week's Top Ten Thursday is things you have learned, experienced and achieved (or wish you had) on your blogging journey!

Things I have done as a blogger :

01/ Met a blogger in person  — which was nerve-wracking but it was a good experience, very challenging for me though

02/ Got a real dot com url  — which I had used for one blog and then quickly unused as I switched url

03/ Hosted a creative challenge  — it was called Creative Tuesday and then it was taken over my fellow blogger Michael who did a far better job and it made me realize how much work needs to be done hosting challenges.

Things I wished I had done as a blogger:

04/ Run a book blog — I'm not interested in writing book reviews, at least not long ones but I like telling people what books I read and give my opinion

05/ Stay on the same url — I guess I'm changeable in terms of my blog(s) as I have moved about 50 times or so it seems but it's probably just under 25 times in under 11 years which I think it's not a bad record

06/ Be more social — maybe it's not something that can be done as I'm really not a very social person plus I'm not on Twitter, Pinterest or Tumblr or any odd spelling social medias but I suppose it's something I should learn somehow to do even in small increments.

Things I have learned about and through blogging:

07/ Readers are kind — they leave the most wonderful words in the comments which motivates me to keep blogging & if there are readers who are rude, I simply ignore them but I rarely get any rude comments, sometimes confusing comments but rarely rude comments

08/ You can blog for yourself and sometimes your readers — I have said I always blog for myself but to be honest, I do care about getting readers and making them happy but it can't be all the time or else your blog wouldn't be yours

09/ Write/edit posts in a text app instead of directly in your blog post — autosave is something that I hate but that is an option you cannot change in Blogger and so I write my post in an app and then copy it over and style it. I also copy the whole post html in a document if the post is lay out in a complex style

10/ Post at your own pace — this one is really just a preference but maybe it should be adopted, though I envy those who can post something every day, I just don't see it as a necessity in order to be a good blogger.

So what did you learned, experienced and achieved (or wish you had) on your blogging journey?

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