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June 29, 2017

Top Ten Thursday: Blogging Journey

diary of a lazy blogger
This Thursday, Tamara at Part-time Hockey Mom celebrates her 5th blog anniversary. Since I can't cook, I made a cake image instead.  Happy Anniversary Tamara!
For Tamara

This week's Top Ten Thursday is things you have learned, experienced and achieved (or wish you had) on your blogging journey!

Things I have done as a blogger :

01/ Met a blogger in person  — which was nerve-wracking but it was a good experience, very challenging for me though

02/ Got a real dot com url  — which I had used for one blog and then quickly unused as I switched url

03/ Hosted a creative challenge  — it was called Creative Tuesday and then it was taken over my fellow blogger Michael who did a far better job and it made me realize how much work needs to be done hosting challenges.

Things I wished I had done as a blogger:

04/ Run a book blog — I'm not interested in writing book reviews, at least not long ones but I like telling people what books I read and give my opinion

05/ Stay on the same url — I guess I'm changeable in terms of my blog(s) as I have moved about 50 times or so it seems but it's probably just under 25 times in under 11 years which I think it's not a bad record

06/ Be more social — maybe it's not something that can be done as I'm really not a very social person plus I'm not on Twitter, Pinterest or Tumblr or any odd spelling social medias but I suppose it's something I should learn somehow to do even in small increments.

Things I have learned about and through blogging:

07/ Readers are kind — they leave the most wonderful words in the comments which motivates me to keep blogging & if there are readers who are rude, I simply ignore them but I rarely get any rude comments, sometimes confusing comments but rarely rude comments

08/ You can blog for yourself and sometimes your readers — I have said I always blog for myself but to be honest, I do care about getting readers and making them happy but it can't be all the time or else your blog wouldn't be yours

09/ Write/edit posts in a text app instead of directly in your blog post — autosave is something that I hate but that is an option you cannot change in Blogger and so I write my post in an app and then copy it over and style it. I also copy the whole post html in a document if the post is lay out in a complex style

10/ Post at your own pace — this one is really just a preference but maybe it should be adopted, though I envy those who can post something every day, I just don't see it as a necessity in order to be a good blogger.

So what did you learned, experienced and achieved (or wish you had) on your blogging journey?

Visit Tamara here for more Top Ten Thursdays.


  1. I LOVE MY CAKE, thanks so much, Lissa!
    Yeah, I think I've read that about you before... switching URLs a lot.
    I'm the same. I mostly blog for myself, but of course I am thrilled that other people are interested enough to actually read it and come back.
    Thanks for linking up and happy Thursday! (Is it weekend yet...?)

    1. I'm glad you love the cake, I had a tough time choosing colors, for some reason, all I can think of to use are blue and red.

      I'm also thrilled that people stop by and read my blog, it's the best kind of reward for blogging.

      thanks for stopping by, have a lovely day.

  2. Perfect cake for Tamara. Like you I often think about a book blog, but I think it would diminish my enjoyment of reading if I had to write what I think about it in a coherent form. I think we all blog in the way or at the pace that suits each of us and as long as we're still enjoying it then that's okay. Have a good weekend.

    1. I wouldn't might writing reviews but only short ones but I would probably be bit random in thoughts but I like the idea.

      thanks for stopping by, have a lovely day.

  3. Happy 5th Tamara! That's quite an accomplishment to keep your blog going for such a long time. This is a great topic. Like you, I no longer want to do book reviews. It's more fun for me to interview authors or chefs. It is a little hard to meet a blogger you interact with, but like you, I think it usually works for the best. Love the pics as usual!

    1. book reviews are rather hard to write sometimes, I like to read the ones with a little snarkyness in it.

      it's a bit scary to meet any blogger in person no matter who they are because you'll never what kind of person they are in person.

      thanks for stopping by, have a lovely day.

  4. Lissa, first off I really like your top piece of art which I think I've seen before, however, you've added the background and the mouse obviously which actually I can't tell if that's his artwork or a photo! :-)

    I am so glad that you do these kinds of lists as you are the only person I know who I read in blogland who does such. They are always so enjoyable to read. You know, it's hard to imagine you meeting anyone from blog land actually so how surprising to learn that you even done that!

    I loved it when you hosted create Tuesdays. It was the perfect Avenue for me when I was going through such a horrible time with the unwanted divorce, so lonely, etc. I would look forward to doing the theme each week and seeing what everyone else had done. Whilst I love hosting scribble picnic now , And before that creative Tuesdays, there is of course no element of surprise when announcing the theme! :-) I still keep in mind that should I be on holiday and unable to do it I can always you to take it over for that week so thank you very much!

    Actually, I think you are quite social for a blog which is of course different to real life 3-D engagement. You leave good, interesting comments which I think people appreciate and also you are very honest which is refreshing as well.

    1. that is a photograph of a book/pen/mouse with a pattern background, I just added the artwork, title & the striped shadows in.

      I met only one blogger and it was kind of those things I decided to do but which I kept debating on canceling but in the end just went with it and it was kind of fun if not a bit nerve-wracking

      I think creating art is one of those things that just changes your mood and maybe even make you think life is actually better than you thought

      no one would actually call me social if they met me in person but I do try leaving nice comments because I also like getting nice comments from people so it makes sense to write them.

      have a lovely day.


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