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June 11, 2017

Some blogging confessions

'coffee, tea or whine'
I used to do Sunday Confessions which is basically confessing thoughts on whatever is on your mind so today, I thought I share some blogging confessions:

01/ On occasions, I worry that I'm losing readers (which I probably am because I keep changing urls) and so I try to write more posts but I usually ended up not using them because I think they aren't good or I simply didn't want to post them. I guess I still crave approval from people even though I've blogged so long. It's sort of a back and forth thing - sometimes I want people to read my blog and sometimes I just don't care if no one visits. But to have someone say how much they like your work or words or even a hint that they enjoy visiting your blog, is every blogger's hope, right?

02/ I do a lot of thinking (& sometimes panicking) before posting something because there's always a little fear when it comes to hitting that publish button, even if I can revert the post to draft, at least one person read it or so I imagine & I couldn't really take back what I said.

03/ I edit my posts about a hundred times before posting and still, I make corrections after it's posted, I know other people do it too but for me, it's one of those terrible habits that I'm sure I won't ever break.

04/ I recycle photos/artworks & I'm not sorry because I like my photos/artworks and I don't mind showing them more than once though people still forget even when I show a piece many times before plus I often have several versions of a photo/artwork (like the artwork above) and it's a shame not to use them.

05/ I don't actually watch video blog posts because frankly, I don't like to watch bloggers talk instead of posting text though if you posted a video about your art process or something funny, I would watch it.

06/ I don't read blogs with white/light color text on dark color background & not because the content is not interesting enough but mostly my eyes just refuse to like reading blogs formatted that way. And if I want to read such blog, I would sometimes highlight the text which can sometimes result in reverse colors and easier to read.

07/ It's important that my blog doesn't look like a mess because I think my blog should reflect me or the side of me that I want to present - clean, clear, uncluttered, lots of spaces & free of flowery decorations. I guess it's the graphic designer in me but I really do not like clutter in a blog. Though I sometimes fancy having a brightly, sparkling blog with beautiful/cute/funny images that links to nowhere.

How about you? Anything to confess about your blogging habits?
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