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June 15, 2017

Top Ten Thursday: keep calm & pretend you're on vacation

keep calm & pretend you're on vacation
keep calm & pretend you're on vacation
This week's Top Ten Thursday is how to keep calm/cool this summer, so here's my list.

01/ get an air conditioner — I don't like them as people usually turn it down so low, it's like winter but sometimes it really is the best option against the heat

02/ stay indoors — preferably with the curtains closed or if possible in an air-conditioned room

03/ drink a lot of water or liquid — which keeps you sweating but I think that's a good thing

04/ no hot food — well, not necessarily no hot food because I like my food cooked but it certainly helps a bit

05/ go somewhere cool — or pretend to if you can't get away

06/ read books — preferably those set in winter or cold climates

07/ marathon tv shows — I like watching old tv shows, it keeps one's mind on anything but the heat

08/ nap like you're on vacation — summer + napping = perfect day

09/ do less active things — I know people should be moving and exercising and all but during the hot weather, who has the energy?

10/ just be lazy — so maybe #8 & 9 is the same as this but what is summer for but to be lazy?

What's your tip for keeping cool in the summer?

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