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May 25, 2017

Top ten thursday: foreign languages

 image from from the show 'Rooftop Prince'
This week's Top Ten Thursday is 'words or phrases we know in one or several foreign language(s)' or what I learned from watching all those tv dramas (with English subtitles of course). The list are all phrases that is used constantly in tv dramas, at least, the ones I've watched and I've watched a whole bunch. I'm really bad at spelling even phonetically so if you really want to learn any of these phrases, do some research. 

~ Mandarin ~

01/ wo shi wan ni — I like you 

02/ wo ai ni — I love you

03/ bu shi — no

04/ duay boo chee — I'm sorry

05/ boo drew doubt — I don't know

~ Korean ~

06/ ande or anya or ani — no

07/ gwen cha na — it's okay

08/ sa rang hae or sa rang hae yo — I love you
09/ bienn or bienae — sorry

10/ kalm some mee da — thank you

Know any phrases in a foreign language? Do share in the comments.

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