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May 5, 2017

April A-Z Challenge Reflections

I wasn't going to do this reflection post but since I've already written down some of it during the challenge, it shouldn't go to waste, right? So here they are.

Some thoughts on the A-Z Challenge:
01/ No link list this year so now instead of browsing/reading hundreds of blog links, we are browsing/reading hundreds of comments which is basically about the same thing except you get more info of what the participants are posting which helps to decide whether to visit but of course broken links usually deters people from visiting but I'm a determined person so I usually can get to the right link. I honestly wanted to go and fix all the links or even make it for them.

02/ Am I the only one who made a list of blogs to visit? Well, I make my list and visited those folks first and then go through the comments to check out any other interesting post to read. But of course, there is a down side to this - you sort of get disappointed when they don't post or when they pretty much gave up on the challenge which there were a few.

03/ I actually like the random/no theme posts the most. I suppose having to come up with ideas associating with a certain letter gets people to be a little more creative. I know I was scrambling for ideas but I came up with pretty good ones even when they were thought up the day before. Seriously, I only had a few scheduled post which I ended up editing after it was posted. Did anyone successfully scheduled and thought out all of their posts and did it on time and with no problems? Anyone? I like to know what the secret is, you know, other than thinking ahead and writing ahead and doing everything ahead because I can't seem to think ahead.

04/ I like that some participants have themes which is helpful to decide whether I want to read that blog or not. So maybe I avoided visiting those people with particular themes but I don't want to force myself to read something I know I have no interest in.

05/ I really like that some bloggers tells you exactly what their post is about because there are certain things I like to avoid like zombies and vampires and butt cracks. And yes, I avoided long posts too — I read them if they interest me but mostly, I kind of ignore them. I'm sure a few of you avoided reading them as well. Don't say you didn't.

06/ I really don't like that I'm a day behind most people because of time zones and the A-Z people always post the letter post early. I thought about posting one Sunday just so I would be more up to date but then I think that defeats the purpose of the whole challenge. But it still seems kind of weird because while I was still on a certain letter, I saw the next letter post already there and I thought I should visit those people even though I'm a letter behind but no.

Some suggestions for the next A-Z challenge because apparently I'm nosy:
07/ Some division between comments such as a line or a border around individual comments would be helpful. I honestly couldn't tell one comment from the next as some participants space out their text. Also a number next to each comment would also be helpful.

08/ Someone should remove all those 'This comment has been removed by the author' comments because they really add to the length of comments  — those and repeat comments which probably came about because of errors and other glitches. All that strolling really makes me not want to keep strolling.

09/ Copy and paste your post link because typing it out is a pain and also too many errors that you sort of didn't mean to make but it happens. I know I can never get my link right if I have to type it out. Also, if you're signed in to Blogger, you can use the preview feature to check your link. If you're on a Mac, you can just click on the link while holding the command button to open the link to a new page/tab. I don't know about PC's but I think they basically work the same way.

10/ I think everyone should just use Zero or Zilch as their Z post and then rant about how they got nothing for Z. As far as I can tell, no one's really trying too hard after W anyway. I know I was going to just post whatever for xyz if I haven't come up with anything. I guess that's my lazy self talking but it makes sense doesn't it?

So how did you do on your A-Z challenge? Did you learn anything?

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