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April 30, 2017

April A-Z : Zodiac

Zodiac : a pseudoscience claiming divination by the positions of the planets and sun and moon
Aquarius : the 11th sign of the zodiac in astrology
― The Free Dictionary

My zodiac sign is Aquarius for those who are born from January 20 — February 18. It's really hard to decide what to believe about zodiac signs but what I found out about Aquarius are these: (1) they are very independent ; (2) they are always confident in all they do ; (3) they love the company of people and are very friendly ; (4) they like to lead instead of follow ; (5) they are unpredictable ; (6) they are very creative, imaginative ; (7) they are innovative, spontaneous, affectionate, honest...

In other words, they can be anything. I have stopped reading my horoscope because it's mostly wrong but it's nice to think I am a bit associated with all Aquarius or Aquarians, the more correct term. A few famous Aquarius who shares my sign are: Charles Dickens, James Joyce, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Toni Morrison, Babe Ruth, Rosa Parks, Oprah Winfrey, Edith Wharton, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Virginia Woolf...

Do you believe in the qualities of your Zodiac sign?

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Strange thoughts on the A-Z Challenge  

A-Z Challenge moods
'three moods during the A-Z Challenge"
I present to you these strange thoughts that came when I read the comments people left about their A-Z posts :

01/ my husband the dinosaur

02/ build a better dog

03/ today a talking cat

04/ E is for elephants, echoes, easy bake ovens and getting run over by eskimos

05/ I love equality

06/ annoying things to do on your day off

07/ facebook patties and fatties

08/ stupid goats!

09/ a slight bit of chaos is necessary

10/ plans for the future : don't yell at your plants
'three more moods during the A-Z Challenge'
So how did you do on the A-Z Challenge?
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