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April 29, 2017

April A-Z : The Yada Yada

The Yada Yada : an episode of Seinfeld where the phrase, "yada yada" is used in place of actual words.
— The Internet Movie Database (The IMDb)

Here's a story — what do you think the 'yada yada yada' is about?

Jane went to the mall to pick up a present for her husband and yada yada yada, she is arrested and the only witness to her crime is a man with a broken jaw and the stolen merchandise in her purse neatly wrapped with a name tag of someone that is not her husband's.

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  1. My take:
    Jane went to the mall to pick up a present for her husband Edward when she bumped into her ex-boyfriend Chester who had took most of her savings a while back. She took a chance and asked Chester to pay her back but he said he was bankrupt. In her frustration, Jane punched Chester in the jaw. He fell backward and landed on a display of windup toys that started to play 'ode to joy.' Two guards - one skinny and one fat - came and took Jane and Chester to a basement security room where she was promptly accused of assault and theft by Chester who wrote it all down as he held his jaw with blood dripping from his mouth. The skinny guard searched Jane's purse and found a few large diamonds necklaces, a box of cigars, an expensive silk scarf and a wrapped present with the name 'Sunny' on the tag. But even with Jane sitting in the cell a few paces away, she could see that old smug look in Chester's eyes. She screamed that he was lying but the skinny guard shouted her to quiet down. Then she noticed how the skinny and the fat guard grinned at each other and then at Chester and right there she knew they were in it together. She definitely don't smoke nor have a fondness for large, cheap looking jewelry nor expensive scarves and she certainly don't know anyone named Sunny. But all she could do at that moment was to wait for her husband and hoped he have a way to get her out.

  2. I loved that episode. And Seinfeld in general - the reruns still hold up very well today.

  3. What a great prompt, make up your take on the BLANKS!
    Here's what I think happened. Jane went to the mall and picked out a Christmas gift for her husband, a Breitling watch which the salesperson wrapped and put a name tag on: Pierre, that's her hubby's name. Later she met her girlfriend Emily for coffee. They were both wearing the same purse that day, and they both put their purses on the same chair. Twin purses, if you will. Emily had been shopping, too. She got a special pen and a paperweight for her brother Ken who just recently scored a book deal. They were happily chatting, when all of a sudden a pickpocket snagged what they thought was Emily's purse. He pushed Emily away and ran off. Jane grabbed what she thought was her purse (but was in fact Emily's that contained a pretty heavy paper weight) and slapped the thief with it. He let go of the purse and went down with a smashed jaw When a mall security guard arrived the thief claimed she was a crazy lunatic and had attacked and hurt him for no reason. She got arrested while still hanging on to Emily's purse with the stationary set for Ken in it.

  4. Lissa, Seinfeld is one show I could never get into but I share attempt to fill in the yada yada.

    Jane went to the mall to pick up a present for her husband. The Apple store in the mall was closing and everything was marked down. She wanted to get her husband the latest iPad mini since his meet an unexpected death when his very large co-worker sat on it in the passenger seat in their recent field trip. The store was a full fledged nut house with shoppers going bonkers to scoop up the purchase before everything disappeared. With the final mini iPad in hand, she exits the store but not before the alarm is tripped. Knowing she paid for her purchase, she assumed it was a malfunction and continued to through the mall. Next thing she knows, she is arrested. Stunned by the policeman's discovery of a $20 Apple cable neatly wrapped with a name tag of someone that is not her husband's in her purse and the only witness to her crime is a man with a broken jaw. No doubt someone slipped the merchandise in the wrong purse. :)

    Thanks for visiting Curious as a Cathy A2ZArt Sketching Through the Alphabet “Y” edition!

  5. Sounds complicated and a bit confusing. Poor Jane to be caught up in that mess. ;)

    I don't really want to fill in the yada yada yada, but maybe I'll consider googling that Seinfeld episode to watch. Reading your post makes for the perfect reason to watch it. (And I've never seen it, so there's that too…)

    Congrats on making it through A-Z! :)

    With Love,


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