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April 14, 2017

April A-Z : What I like in a blog

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Like: to prefer; to find pleasant or attractive
— The Free Dictionary

Just a list of blog features that I like in a blog, well, my blog anyway:

01/ About / Introduction / Hello pages — I think every blog should have a about/hello page or a simple introduction page, I like reading them but I really wish people would actually put their name somewhere on the page even if it's a nickname, it would suffice, I read many introduction page where I have no idea what the name of the blogger is and a email address or a contact form would be nice too. my hello page is under the header titled what else, 'hello.'

02/ Blogrolls — I have a very long blogroll which I titled 'bookmarks' which I update often. I hate feeds and I hate getting blog post in an email unless it's something unique, I like to see the content presented properly. I also kind of find new blogs browsing other people's blogroll, so it's nice to have one.

03/ Blog headers — lately, most blogs have only a name for their header but there are blogs that still have blog headers, like me. I just hate seeing how blogs are becoming like some email messages we get on our phone and not see the work bloggers put in to make their blog their home, something to be proud of, a place fill with their personal tidbits and such.

04/ Labels — I sometimes use labels to browse a blog if there are too many subjects that I don't want to read about but the problem is bloggers use so many labels for one post, that pretty much means I would not really be certain what that particular post is really about. I like using at least three labels per post, the less labels, the easier to decide if I like reading that particular subject, also, no long labels like song titles, they're really unnecessary and adds to the clutter.

05 Photos / Images — of course every blogger have photos/images on their blogs but some bloggers has a habit of using their images too large or too small. I know these days with liquid, adaptive and responsive page layouts, photos/images gets resized along with how wide you make your browser, so it's not easy to find a middle with photos but those with static blogs like me, should consider keeping their images a reasonable size, perhaps under 700 pixels wide, not really sure of the number but it seem work for me. (To find see how various layout will look like in their various page layout, go here: www.liquidapsive.com)

06/ Sidebars — I have a love/hate relationships with sidebars. But mostly I like them because they offer information and links. You may or may not have noticed, sometimes I have a sidebar and sometimes I don't but mostly I don't but this month I do because of the A-Z challenge. If the sidebar are organized well and doesn't distract from the content, then it's a wonderful thing. 

07/ Footer add-ons or something extra — I usually do reach the end of the page enough to see the footer but some blogs do not have footers but those who does and they have extra something there, I applaud you. For me, I have a little note at the end about what powers my blog - just a little bit of something.

What do you like most about blogs?

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  1. Hey Lissa! I agree with all of your statements, especially the header! So important to setting the mood for your site (yours is lovely btw.) I'm not a big fan of blogrolls, but yours is very neatly done, I might be persuaded with your version of a blogroll :)

  2. Agree with your list, especially the "about me" part. I don't like to reveal too much about me, but I do love to read other peoples' so I guess I've got to take one for the team.
    Just checked out your blogroll and discovered I am on it, yay! Thanks!

  3. Here from the A-Z, and that is a comprehensive list! I am guilty of using too many sidebars :) and possibly too few labels, except for the A-Z.


  4. Good list Lissa. I like to enjoy photos at blogs most of all, seeing places I've never been etc. Your sketches are wonderful too.๐Ÿ˜‚

    Hope you have a very Happy Easter,๐Ÿ’Ÿ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒท

  5. Nice insight. You now have me considering a footer... :)

    Visiting from A to Z

  6. Wow, this confirms for me how ignorant I am in the world of blogging. I've got some catching up to do! Thanks for sending me back for a crash course in the blogosphere!

  7. I like easy to read, neat blogs. I hate black backgrounds and neon colors for script. I don't like script so close to background color you have to highlight it to read it. I don't care for book reviews...really, I'm not much on any reviews. I don't want to read a blog telling me how to blog or how to write. I like a blog to have an archives list. I despise comment links at the top of the entry. I wish everyone would leave a hyperlink to their blog in all comments.
    The coffee is always on in Caneyhead


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