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April 21, 2017

April A-Z : Rainswept

Rainswept : the name I have chosen for this blog, though the actual address name is 'the last rain girl'
— According to me
Here is how the header came about:

Version 1: this is the original drawing - hand drawn and digitally colored

Version 2: I thought the hand is not necessary so when I redraw the above, I didn't included it, this is done in Adobe Illustrator
Version 3: I flipped it so it's facing the other way and to add the hand like the original drawing for reasons I'm not even sure, I suppose I want to see how it would look with it

Version 4: I placed it into a circle and removed the hand. the hand is suppose to be over the heart, if you see the original, that is the intention but when I flipped it, the hand is no longer on the left side where the heart is suppose to be so, of course I could have flipped the hand as well but I decided to remove it instead, this is what I usually do - I add/remove and see what it looks like and then decide

Version 4B: I shifted the image slightly to the right to show less face because, well, I'm not quite why but I just liked it

Version 5: now you probably wonder how I got to this from version #4B, well, I can't explain it. I just decided to redo #4B and simplified it a little and this is the result

Version 6: from the start, it was always going to be a circle because I like circles for the header rather than squares or even rectangles
Version 7: I added the name and made the background transparent so it would be whatever the current background color would be

As for the colors, it changes a lot, depending what I am thinking or seeing but mostly, I lean toward blues and bluegreens. For the name 'Rainswept,' it just came to me when I happened upon another blog with 'swept' in its name and I decided to put that together with 'rain.' Also, I had many blogs with 'rain' in the title so this works for me.

That's it. The final version of my header but don't depend on it staying around too long as I have a habit of changing it every couple of days or months depending on my mood. (And as you can already tell, I have changed the colors to a more muted blue.) I like to show the in-between steps but there really aren't any except for many similar versions that barely have any differences. Any questions, just ask.

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  1. Yes, I do have a question: do you like rain?
    Interesting how you've developed your "logo"!

    1. rain just happens to be in my view and I just happen to associate myself with it. I had a ton of blogs with rain in the name and I'm known to have a rain theme in my drawings and writings and I used to take rain photos every time it rains, so I guess I have thing for rain but now and then, I lean towards the sun, mostly on cold days...

      have a lovely day.

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for showing your process!

  3. Interesting process.
    Why did you opt for a circle for the header, rather than a square or even a rectangle? Any specific reason?
    Writer In Transit

    1. it's a preference, I guess, square looks too rough and rectangles takes up too much space and seems to demand more attention, I've always find circles to be friendly and easier for the eye, I guess that is the graphic designer talking.

      have a lovely day.

  4. I have no art skills, so I think your header is beautiful and amazing. I wish I could draw.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  5. This shows your design side really well and I LOVE what you ended up with. Funny how her eyes were first closed but then opened slightly and then closed again. I love the simplicity you ended up with as it works so much better when simple for a logo which should be a quick read. It is VERY elegant. Well done, Lissa! Thank you for showing us!

  6. I suppose when you say you don't know why you did, it was actually just an artist, intuitive decision. Your mind aligning the result with your vision. I don't know! Maybe you like picking at scabs to for all I know. 😉


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