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April 13, 2017

April A-Z : Korean Dramas

Korean Dramas : tv shows that are addictive, emotionally challenging and totally messes you up and makes you have high expectations about your life and the people around you which never gets met
— According to me

Korean Dramas & Honest Taglines
Here is a list of my 10 favorite Korean dramas and my honest taglines for them. I have summed up the synopsis because I'm lazy that way. You can find all about these shows at: 

<<< Please Note : Some spoilers Ahead. >>>

01/ You're Beautiful
What's it about: a male band  gets a new member only it is a girl pretending to be her twin brother
Honest tagline: it's better to be a girl pretending to be a boy and be in love with a rude, arrogant, talented musician than to be a nun

02/ The horse doctor aka The king's doctor
What's it about:  a man tries to become a good doctor
Honest tagline: it's easy to be a doctor. all you have to do is become someone's else son, suffer years of prejudices, incarceration, beaten to an inch of your life, gets your life threaten now and then, gets almost kill now and then, talk and cut your way through many medical emergencies that saves many undeserved people who will ridicule you and threaten to kill you if you fail but you get the girl.

03/ 49 Days
What's it about: a woman went into a coma after a car accident and is given 49 days to collect 3 tears from 3 people who loves her in order to wake up but she has to use the body of another
Honest tagline: I'm in love with a girl who is inside the body of another girl until she finds the tears to wake herself up from a coma but I have to pretend not to know that and keep on calling her by the other girl's name and even make her do labor to earn her pay so that no one would get suspicious.

04/ My Girl
What's it about: a man hires a woman to pretend to be his missing cousin so that his grandfather can die in peace
Honest tagline: I just wish you're not my pretend cousin so that it's okay for me to fall for you

05/ Oh My Ghostess
What's it about: a ghost possesses a shy, timid girl who is in love with an arrogant chef
Honest tagline: I'm in a love triangle with a girl and a ghost and I'm okay with that, well, not really

06/ Rooftop Prince
What's it about: a prince and three of his guards mysteriously travelled to the future to find out who kill the prince's beloved wife, the princess
Honest tagline: snow white and the four dwarfs who keeps making her angry by doing stupid things

07/ Flower Boys Next Door
What's it about:  a girl who rarely leaves her house except to buy the necessities lives in an apartment full of odd tenants including an artist who has a crush on her and some other weird flower boys
Honest tagline: the girl who won't come out of her apartment unless it's for a handsome Oppa or two

08/ I hear your voice
What's it about: a guy who can hear people's thoughts and a female lawyer who is a bit immature but she believes in him
Honest tagline: I hear you and I wish to god that you're not a murderer

09/ Surplus Princess
What's it about: a mermaid takes a potion to become human but to be completely human, she has to make the man she loves to fall in love with her
Honest tagline: my true love is not a rich, successful, talented man but at least he knows how to give me a nice piggyback ride

10/ Master's Sun
What's it about: a woman who can see ghosts meets a man who, when she touches him, makes the ghosts disappear
Honest tagline: I will cling to my man, literary by his sleeve, even if I have to clean his mall and solve murders while trying to keep the ghosts at bay

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