"My life is spent in one long effort to escape from the commonplaces of existence." ― Sir Arthur Conan Doylen, Sherlock Holmes
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April 8, 2017

April A-Z : How to be Good

Good : morally excellent; virtuous; well-behaved; honorable or worthy
— Dictionary.com

Good : something you practice because being bad takes too much effort & you don't want to waste time committing felonies & doing bad deeds when you could be eating a cookie or a cake & because being good means you get to eat cake, that is, if you're not on a diet or allergic to cake
— According to me on a day when I really rather be bad

How To Be Good: a somewhat sarcastic, almost real, almost practical, randomly chosen, honestly presented & foolishly believed list :

01/ Smile at strangers — if that person smile back even if it's a bit fake and somewhat bewildered, then fine, if they give you an angry snarl or start flipping you off or if they look like they might want beat you up, run away, quick!

02/ Agree with everything someone says even if you don't agree with them — certainly agreeing is a respectable way to talk to someone but if that someone has very bad views of things, do disagree unless of course, that person is threatening bodily harm, then you really must agree

03/ Make friends with people you don't like — some say your enemy is your friend and in a way, they are because they bring out the worst in you but they might help you become a better person simply because in their view, you're bad so why not be good to this person?

04/ Have manners — always remember your manners and be polite because you're an educated being and not a monkey which probably might offend the monkeys so let's pretend these aren't well-mannered monkeys, shall we?

05/ Be kind — always be kind because being a jerk is just too much work & no one likes a jerk

06/ Swear quietly — Mark Twain said, "When angry, count four. When very angry, swear." Sometimes you really must swear because there is no other way to express your dismay or anger, so swear but do it quietly and away from people

07/ Laugh — when all else fail, just laugh, because laughing is better than crying, they might think you're crazy or under the influence of drugs or alcohol but at least, you won't appear too rude

Please note: This list is meant to be fun and not to be taken seriously unless you want to.

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  1. A very thought provoking list. I agree, being really bad is so much work. Many things we think are bad, really aren't - like cake.

  2. Interesting list and as the commenter above said, thought provoking, too!

    Visiting from AtoZ

  3. I must say, one of the most fun things to do is when someone is mad at me, I nice them to within an inch of their life! I used to do this more commonly with my brother when we were kids. He hated it.
    Visiting from A to Z.

  4. a wonderful list--I like the idea of making friends with enemies.

  5. A mark of a writer whose style you love is that when you get to the end of the writing you're peeved a bit or a lot because there are no more words, and you're thankful they wrote what they did, but it feels a bit personally hurtful that they didn't think to keep writing just for you. Luckily, on a blog, you can read more of their work, so any ill feelings are so short lived you almost feel bad you even had them. Or actually, you are embarrassed you did!

    Also, the cursing thing is fun under your breath because you can string together many of them in an obscene string and they don't even need to make sense because who can hear you anyway?

    (I'm here from the A to Z Challenge but my link isn't working here.)

  6. These were fun. I practice 4 through 7 pretty regularly. The Twain quote made me laugh.


    *Deb Atwood*

    *Pen In Her Hand*

  7. I enjoyed all of these but particularly like the just laugh one. The person in the cube next to mine at work starts laughing all the time and frequently it cheers me up. Especially when I walk over to see what she's laughing at since it's usually a funny email.

  8. A funny list, Lissa. REagarding swearing: I like what our mother taught us growing up -- that swearing was for the intellectually lazy and unimaginative! where the langauge is reduced down to a few simple words for describing practically everything. my mother always noted that the English language is a marvelous tool, full of so many wonderful words to creatively describe anyhting that what would one deliberately dumb it down, unless dumb oneself...or terribly brutish, uncouth..which is more so the case these days. That fact people actually find swearing fun is crazy to me. I hate it and always feel violated audibly when someone can;t constrain themselves from their toxic spews in to the air! It always strokes me as so crass.

  9. I had an idea I was floating around in Bridget Jones' head!


"To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it." -- Kurt Vonnegut

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