"My life is spent in one long effort to escape from the commonplaces of existence." ― Sir Arthur Conan Doylen, Sherlock Holmes
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April 7, 2017

April A-Z : Fiction

Fiction : something invented by the imagination or feigned; an invented story
— Merriam-Webster

Fiction : something my mind invented & placed down in writing because I don't quite know what to do with them
— According to me

Here is a story titled 'Floating'

He floats upward touching the ceiling a bit than goes down and up to the ceiling again. Gush of hot air blows him toward the right, toward the other side of the subway platform. Floating there by his lonely self, he conjures up images of his mate. The shininess of her skin, the beautiful round curves of her body. And the lovely word that was beautifully drawn on her chest: 'Birthday.' He misses seeing her. He misses her companionship.

They were a pair, separated only by a few paces of air. They were tied together but somehow he was released. He floated upward and away from her. He kept moving up and up and he could not stop. When he struck the ceiling, he found he was too far up. He watched below as his mate was being carried away and out into the bright daylight. He reached for her but couldn't move fast enough. A gush of wind came and blew him farther from her. She was gone. He ended up next to a telephone booth and then a train arrived and blew him upward again.

Now on the ceiling, he wonders if he will ever see his mate again. He is lost without his mate. But then he spots a shiny round object not far from him. It's her, he thought as excitement fills him. As the wind kicks him closer, he can tell it is not her. It is another lost soul. As it rotates, its pink side reveals the words "Happy Valentines." It then slips far away from him. Sadden, he stares down at the ground.

At last, a hand tries to grab him down. He felt its touch - a warm feeling - like a soft blanket in the middle of winter. It tries to push him downward, but it is just too short to reach him. Hitting again and again, the hand manage to push him down again but he slides back upward. A train comes and blows him high until he bumps against the ceiling again.

Stuck, he wonders how he is ever to come down. There are pipes beside him. They are covered in sharp edges but he dismisses them. Then he feels a prick against his skin, follow by a popping sound. He falls onto the ground in two sagging pieces. No longer sporting the word, "Happy" with pride, he gets sweep down a deep darkness and that is the last thing he sees.

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  1. Oh the poor, lonely balloon!

  2. Oh no!!
    The picture gave away the surprise, otherwise I'd have wondered for a really long time who "he" might be?

    1. I debate on whether to show the image but in the end, I just thought I might as well, I didn't think it was that hard to figure out anyway... oh well

      have a lovely day.

  3. Aha! That's a nice story of a lonely balloon!

  4. That was interesting! I like when inanimates tell stories. :)
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  5. Nice ending ... unless you're the Happy Balloon, of course. Aren't endings tough? Ugh!


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