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April 4, 2017

April A-Z : Curating Beauty

Curate : to gather and present to the public
― The Free Dictionary

Curating beauty is what I think of photography blogs so here some of my favorite bloggers curating beauty in no particular order and I'm only listing 7 because listing more means it would be a rather long list. Click on the name of the blog or the image to go to that blog.

01/ Curating Cuteness - wonderfully, nostalgic photography that uses films
Curating Cuteness

02/ Knowing where to stand - beautiful every day kind of photo
Knowing where to stand

03/ Elephantine - gorgeous, bright photography

04/ Lady Fi - beautiful photos that reminds me of days past and sometimes surreal worlds
Lady Fi
05/ Reflections and Nature - beautiful photography that reminds me to appreciate the beauty in nature and our surroundings
Reflections and Nature

06/ Out & About in New York - wonderful New York scenes
Out & About in New York

07/ Spirithelpers - beautiful photography of a far off, beautiful place and nature in their natural state

Do know anyone curating beauty on their blogs? Leave their link in the comments.

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