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February 16, 2017

Top Ten Thursday: Thoughts on Valentine's Day

Just some random things about Valentine's day:

01/ 'Valentine's Day' is now 'Eat Chocolate Day.'

02/ V.A.L.E.N.T.I.N.E.S. D.A.Y. = Vague Antiquated Lyrics that Everyone Nervously Try to Invoke with Nonsensical Expressions for the Same Damm Awful Yearnings

03/ Where can I get more chocolate?

04/ A good day to eat one whole box of chocolate or two or three.

05/ I ran out of chocolate so I brought another box.

06/ Why is cupid fat? Did he eat a lot of chocolate? What does he do exactly?

07/ Eat chocolate and cry because you're single.

08/ Eat chocolate and laugh because you're single.

09/ Be thankful you don't have to buy a valentines gift that your partner is sure to hate.

10/ It's just another 'do what you want' day.


  1. Do what you want day, I like that.
    I didn't even get to do what I wanted, though, it was just another work, run home make quick dinner, send son to gym day...

  2. Hope you had a good Valentine's!

  3. Love the chocolate references! For me, just swap in "cheese." I always try to make the day special for my daughters, until the day they have their own valentines to replace me.

  4. This really made me chuckle - I love this post Lissa, especially all the references to chocolate. Have a great day and I hope that you have chocolate.

  5. Chocolate! Need we say more? (lol) Hugs...


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