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February 27, 2017

Book Geek: Book Series

I love/hate book series. When a series is good, don't we all want more? When a series is so-so, don't we wish they would just end it early? There are some book series people loved but when I read it, I hated it, so it really is not only whether the story is good but also personal preference. Here is my very short list of favorite book series:

hardcovers of The Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C. Wrede
01/ The Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C. Wrede
This is a four-book series that is told in four perspectives and the last one took place years later which surprised me a little. I have wished the author had stayed with Princess Cimorene because her character is my favorite but it does make sense for the other character's perspective plus the last book did have to set years later and Cimorene's perspective would not really work there.

This series is easy to get into and on starting the first book, I immediately wanted to know more about Princess Cimorene. Cimorene isn't like other princesses - she have black hair instead of gold, she prefers fencing and magic instead of embroidery and etiquette. What I really like about her is that, she isn't waiting for some prince to sweep her off her feet. She simply took up to working for a dragon with very little fear. Plus she is intelligent and has a no nonsense attitude. When Cimorene meets the Enchanted Forest's king, Mendanbar, it did not deter her nor is she impressed with his magic, although a man who can fix a drain using a magic sword is a little impressive.

Favorite Quote: "Mendanbar stared at her in utter bafflement. If this was a princess, she was like no princess he had ever seen, and he had seen dozens. True, she had a small gold crown pinned into her hair, and she was very pretty - beauitful, in fact - but she was wearing a blue-and-white checked apron with large pockets. Mendanbar had never seen a princess in an apron before. The dress under the apron was rust-colored and practical-looking, and she had the sleeves rolled up above her elbows. He had never seen a princess with her sleeves rolled up, either. Her jet black hair hung in plain braids almost to her knees, instead of making a cloud of curls around her face. Her eyes were black, too, and she was as tall as Mendanbar."
― from Searching for Dragons

paperbacks of Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling
02/ The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling
I read this series in one week and of course, I immediately adore it. Luna Lovegood is my favorite character after Harry. Luna is a bit odd but she understood things and she's honest. I still do not like that Harry does not end up with Luna. Ginny is great and all but I just think she is too much like Harry. I'm not really into the romances. I like the friendships more and also the magic.

The Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite of the series. I like that Sirius Black is a little unhinged and he just seems like a fun person to hang out with. But that could be because of the movie actor. I did see the movies first before reading the books but I don't favor the movie more though. And I still think Quidditch is too cruel a sport for kids but that's just me.

Favorite Quote: “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”
― from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

hardcovers of Ivy Pocket by Caleb Krisp and Illustrator Barbara Cantini
 03/ Anyone but Ivy Pocket series by Caleb Krisp and Illustrator Barbara Cantini
Ivy Pocket is quite charming in her own, vain way. I like her strong belief in herself and her confidence that whatever she does, is right. It is as if she purposely pretended not to understand certain things. Even when people try to kill her, she somehow escapes it and seemingly not know what actually happened. She's not all carefree and careless because she does care what happens to the people around her. The third book is not yet released but so far, it has been fun reading about Ivy Pocket.

Maybe it's not fair to judge the series since it's incomplete but I like the author's writing and humor. You should read his afterwards. They're quite hilarious plus who doesn't like an author with this bio: "Caleb Krisp's childhood was cut tragically short after he sold his great-aunt Mabel for a handful of perfectly ordinary pumpkin seeds." Or his dedication: For my housekeeper Mrs. Cuttlefish, who I buried in my garden.

Favorite Quote: "I am remarkably good in a crisis - for I have all the natural instincts of a five-star general - so in no time at all, I had formed a plan. I picked up my carpetbag and headed down to the lobby, replacing my anxiety with the flickering flame of hope. The streets of Paris were sure to lead to adventure and opportunity. No doubt I would stumble upon something utterly thrilling. Or I might end up a beggar, friendless and starving. Which would be terribly inconvenient. But on the bright side - how wonderfully tragic!"
– from Anyone But Ivy Pocket

Do you have a favorite book series?


  1. Always like seeing what other people read. I consume fanciful books very quickly. I started on the potter books when the first one was published so I couldn't read them all at once. My daughter didn't like them until she was in high school so by then she could read a lot of them at once.

    1. I only got interest in the Potter books after I saw the first movie so I got to read the series all at once which it is very nice.

      thanks for dropping by, have a lovely day.

  2. Wonderfully tragic indeed that would be. I love reading your various quotes usually to books I have not read as I tend to stick to non fiction for learning new things, mainly. However, the only real book series I recall reading are two: 1. The (English) CS Lewis Narnia fantasy books which I adored as they had so much meaning within meaning, being allegories as they are and Lewis being an Oxford don and such a good writer too. 2. The Little House on the Prairie autobiographical memoir series by Laura Ingalls Wilder, which came to life when taking the highway named after her and visiting all the pales she writes about. Amazing. Finally, the last series being the Canadian Lucy Maud Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables/Avonlea fiction books.

    Anyway, wonder if you've ever read any of those? As for your books, I've not actually read any of the Harry Potter books or seen the movies. My schools growing up were very much similar to the ones seen in the movies at least, minus the magic, so it feels a bit too close too home I suspect, and yes, is non fiction but I have made exceptions before as above but those well known books are etched in with the fabric of the culture and tied to the history of each land! :)

    As it is, I so love the illustrations of Ivy Pocket! makes me want to read them! Bad/wrong that the publisher didn't include the name of the illustrator on the cover too as no doubt it has helped sell these books and added a distinctive brand. I will definitely look up Barbara Cantini right after finishing this rather long comment to you.

    Always love visiting your little blog space..and seeing what new thing you may have doen to the design or title of it too. :)

    1. I read the Anne of Green Gables series, well, just the first six books but I thought there isn't Gilbert in the books.

      I didn't notice your comment earlier as I don't receive an email notice when you comment, don't know why

      have a lovely day.

    2. and yes, it's a shame the illustrator's names is not on the covers as there really are a lot of her illustrations inside the book.

  3. OK, so three series in fact! Lol.


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