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February 20, 2017

Book Geek: Book Covers

I think book covers should reflect the book but also look good. These days, covers are actually better looking but there are still things I dislike but I won't mention here. Here are some books and my thoughts on their covers. (As always, I only talk about books I would recommend reading.)
01/ The Lioness and the Spellspinners by Cheryl Mahoney (Beyond the Tales series)
Nineteen year old Forrest knows how to knits magic scarves, blankets and even binds his sister's hair while Karina, who is a few years younger, is a strong-headed girl with a slightly rough manner and who keeps resisting the kindness bestow upon her. But this isn't a romance and it doesn't try to be. They are mostly trying to not get on each other's nerve which results in some fun banters. I've always dislike the whole hate-turns-to-love type of storyline and even though there is some of it going on here, it's not really like that at all. Even toward the end, something may have developed between Karina and Forrest but it isn't forced which I thought was wise. Plus there are wizards, witches and fairies to deal with, they really do not have time for romance. This was an easy read and I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

Favorite Quote: "Clearly she was from somewhere very different from his small island. Maybe some place where jumping out a window to get away from a stranger who didn't mean any harm made sense, as unimaginable as that seemed."
the resigned cover - click on the image for a larger view
Cover thoughts: I'm not sure but this is probably self published and perhaps the author created the cover herself. The photo of the girl with the hood is just perfect for the book. It's only the type/fonts that needs a little bit of tweaking. I sort of did a redesign. (Don't tell the author!) Take a look above. I moved the title below because I find the title distracts from her face. And the two L's in Spellspinners are suppose to be knitting needles and the colorful lines are yarns.

02/ Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow by Jessica Day George
The main character has no name and is known simply as 'the lass.' She does get a name of course, but don't expect anything extraordinary. The book started out slow, well, not slow but feels slows compare to the second half which sort of speeds up maybe a little too quickly. I really wanted to know more about Hans Peter's adventure. I don't know why we're not telling his story instead as it really is awfully similar to the lass' story. Is it a spoiler if I say Hans Peter got his happy ending which is not really a surprise to me but it's not his story so... The end was satisfying but I think the relationship between the lass and the bear was not quite there. There was no moment where I thought the lass and the bear have any kind of connection other than pity or gratefulness. Not to say I don't believe there was nothing, just that, we never really see the pair connect but I could be wrong. I'll have to read again, perhaps my opinion on that will change slightly. Overall I did enjoyed the book.

Favorite Quote: "And then they came closer, and closer, the north wind, the wolf, and the young woman. The sun and moon parted ways, like a curtain being pulled back. The sun moved to their left, the moon to the right. The north wind roared as it charged toward the speck that lay between them. The speck grew, reaching out taller and wider as they approached. It was a palace, made entirely of gold, sitting on an island of silver snow at the very top of the world."

Cover thoughts: I really do not like these YA covers showing a photo of a girl/boy looking like some glamorous model. This cover says very little about the story aside from the snow and the girl. At least, they should have a bear somewhere there or something like an ice castle in the distance maybe?

03/ Dreamless by Jenniffer Wardell
This is a retelling of Sleeping Beauty from two perspectives - the cursed princess Elena and her bodyguard Cam with some back story about how the curse came about. As much as I like this retelling, I think too much time is spent on the curse but I suppose it is necessary to get to the root of the problem. I adore Cam's family here, all seven of them - they're the sort of family that I would love to belong to - sort of sarcastic (probably not the right word to use, perhaps snarky?) but caring, totally supportive and genuinely love each other, a bit odd maybe but oh so much fun to hang out with. I actually kind of think their appearances are too brief. The road to end the curse is filled with interesting characters and laugh-out-loud hijinks and some from a certain, cowardly Prince, but it's not all fun, there are bits of seriousness that are sobering but doesn't stop the story one bit.

Favorite Quote: "If I have to turn her into a frog, I promise it will be purely in self-defense."

Cover thoughts: From a distance, it's okay but up close, the toenails disturbs me a bit. I know it's possible for toes to bend like that but I just had an odd feeling whenever I look at it. But the cover does reflect the book with the stars and the sleep theme. If you can ignore the toes, it's actually a pretty good cover.

Do you have any books that you love but hate the covers?
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