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January 5, 2017

Resolution Nots

'slept through 2016'
I've made a few 'almost-plans' over the years but I never make resolutions, at least, nothing that can't be change. This week's Top Ten Thursday is resolutions or wishes or plans for 2017 but as I said, I don't make resolutions but I will list things I might or might not do.

Things I will not do if I am so incline:

01/ I will not be rude to people even if they are rude to me - okay, this one is not hard to do but sometimes...

02/ I will not try to please other people unnecessarily - sometimes I do this without even knowing

03/ I will not seek happiness in buying books - alright, maybe once in a while because books are a necessity like water and air and those limited edition things that no one needs

04/ I will not do anything that will make my life difficult - this needs a little persuasion as I sometimes inexplicitly do things that I sort of agreed to and then sort of wanted to back out but sort of didn't (See #2)

05/ I will not pick fights with stupid people - well, actually I think this one is hard since certain people are so good at provoking you...

Things I will do if I feel like it:

06/ I will write/finish those novels even it they will take a couple of years...

07/ I will continue to draw, write and blog even if no one sees any of it and not necessary do them in order

08/ I will read books, watch tv shows and movies and pretty much be as lazy as possible - recreation is necessary, I don't care what people say

09/ I will accept failure - I'm pretty sure there will be a lot of unsuccessful tasks that I will do but I will try to accept that I can't always succeed

10/ I will say 'no' if I want to  - maybe that can't always be possible (See #2 & #4), I sort of have a tendency to do what other people wants me to do...

What resolutions or non-resolutions have you made this year?

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