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January 27, 2017

January 27: STORY 4: Sydney, Australia

More about the 20 Days of Chill over here

Note: This is a four part series. Read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

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Fiction: Mae and Dash - part 4

Just before midnight before Halloween, Mae and Dash arrive at the witch's house. They couldn't find Philly anywhere but Mae is sure he would show up if they need him.

"So, here we are," Mae says looking at the wooden door.

Dash have his doubts about going in but he is sure not going to be the one to tell Mae.

Mae knocks at the door. It opens with a creak. They see nothing but darkness inside.

"Shall we?" Mae says and smiles though she feels like puking.

Dash nods his head at her. He rather run away but Mae needs him.

"Come in, my children," the voice of the witch came out of nowhere.

Mae walks inside first. She couldn't see anything. Dash bumps into her. The door closes with a loud bang behind them.

The witch appears. She claps her hands and the candles above on the chandelier lights up. "I see you brave children brought nothing with you." She looks at the wand in Dash's bag. "Nothing useful, anyway."

"Where are my parents?" Mae makes her voice loud and clear.

"Easy, darling. We have plenty of time. Why so anxious?" The witch smiles showing most of her yellow stained teeth. Her eyes spark like two diamonds.

"Witch, give Mae's parents back to her." Dash starts forward but the witch points a finger at him. He tries to lift his hand but he couldn't. "Let me go!"

"Boy, do mind your own business." The witch shows not a dash of fear.

"I want to see my parents." Mae draws her fingers into a ball at her side.

"Yes, of course, my dear. If you want to see them for one brief moment, I can yield to your request, just for a bit." She waves her hands in the air.

A green cloud appears and there stood Mae's parents - Henry and Meg Tilly. They smile at her but then they disappear.

Mae wants to cry. "Please, I want them back."

"Mae, you know what I want."

Mae turns to Dash. His eyes widen. Don't do it. Mae tightens her lips. She turns back to the witch. "Okay, I will be your apprentice but only if you let my parents and Dash free."

"Oh, the boy too, eh?" The witch takes a glance at Dash and then turns back to Mae.

Dash wants to smile but he keeps his face straight. He can't let Mae worry about him.

"Yes, Dash is my best friend." Mae smiles. Dash have been with her through all her awful schemes and knows more about her than anyone aside from her parents.

"Oh, youth, how I marvel thee. Come, we have much to do." The witch turns away.

"Wait! My parents first." Mae is not going to just go along without freeing her parents first.

"As you wish." The witch waves her hand about. A green cloud appears and then Henry and Meg Tilly reappear.

"Mom! Dad!" Mae runs toward them but they don't move. They just stare at her.

Mae turns to the witch. "Free them."

"I will soon enough. Come." The witch heads toward her kitchen. "We have much to do."

"Free them or I won't do a single thing you ask." Mae purses her lips tight.

The witch starts waving her hands.

"Dash too!" Mae hasn't forgotten about Dash. Mae looks toward Dash who hasn't move one bit by the door.

"Very well," the witch waves her hands about at Meg and Henry and then Dash. Meg is the first to speak, "Mae, what did you do?"

"I..." Mae isn't quite sure what she did either.

"Mae," Meg says as she turns toward the witch standing there looking very impatient. "Mae..."

"Mae, we must hurry. There is much that needs to be done." The witch's lips purse into a grin.

"That is enough!" Henry raises his hand at the witch.

"What have you done?" The witch, with her hands frozen in the air, looks incredulously at Henry.

"Sweetwater, don't you know who I am?" Henry smiles a small smile but a smile nonetheless.

"Don't call me that! My name is Lucinda. Who are you?" The witch's eyebrows knits together.

"I am, well, your great-grandson but don't quote me on it." Henry turns to his family. "Mae... Meg, honey, I'm sorry about all this."

"All what?" Meg turns to her husband. "What is all this?"

"Let me go!" The witch is twisting wildly.

"Hold on, Sweetwater. I need to talk to my wife first. Honey, I was going to tell you." He takes in a breath and lets it out. "I'm a warlock, a good warlock, okay, maybe there is no such thing but I am good, Honey, I was going to tell you..."

"Oh, when? After our second child is born?" Meg turns her back at Henry.

"You're pregnant?" Mae is not happy. She have never wanted a sibling. She has Dash. She looks toward him. Dash sticks his hands in his pants' pockets and shrugs his shoulders.

"Mae, we can talk about that later. Right now, your father have a lot of explaining to do, right, Henry?"

Henry shrugs his shoulders and looks toward Mae and then Dash and then Mae and then Meg. "Meg, honey, I just..."

"No one crosses me."  The witch has freed herself. She waves her hands at them but Henry is faster. She freezes again.

"Henry, can't you make her disappear or something?" Meg asks.

"She is a powerful witch, honey, I can't just..." Henry gestures his hand at the witch.

"Henry, I didn't even know you're a warklock so how should I know what you're capable of? You never told me a thing about your family."

"Honey, you know I haven't lied to you. And what I said it's true. My family, not you guys, but my other family, they can't be trusted. When I refused to practice their kind of magic, they just sent me away. And I haven't had a need to use magic at all. Please don't be angry with me."

"I am not..." Meg sighs. "I have a headache."

"Meg, honey..."

Mae rolls her eyes. "Hello, there is still a witch we need to deal with." She steps between her parents. "What are you going to do about her?" She turns to her mother who turns to her husband. Mae looks toward her dad.

"Well, Henry, what are you going to do about it?" Meg crosses her arms over her chest and stares at him.

"Ummh, hmmm." After a short pause, Henry responds with, "I don't know."

"Dad, focus!" Mae hits her dad on the arm.

"Mae, have some respect for your father, would you?"

"Sure Dad, as soon as you get rid of her." Mae points to the witch.

"Okay, first we need to... hey, those shelves are just so..." Henry walks toward the shelves and begins to rearrange the bottles.

"Henry, what are you doing?" Meg walks over to him.

"These potions are all organized wrong. That blue bottle should be next to the other blue bottles..." Henry looks up and down the shelves.

"Honey, we do not have time for that." She pulls his hands away.

Sweetwater suddenly smiles and Mae turns to her parents. They are frozen. They were not just frozen in place but covered in ice. Water begins to drip from them. Dash is frozen too with a leg lifted and looking like he is about to run. Mae could hardly made out his face. She turns from her parents to Dash and back to the witch. "What have you done to them?"

"What I have always done - stop people from doing stupid things." Sweetwater smiles at Mae showing her yellow stained teeth. "Now Mae, you know as well as I do that no matter how powerful a witch or a warlock is, I am more powerful than all of them. Now tell me, what are you going to do now?"

"I..." Mae looks back at her parents. Her mind is blank.

"Mae, is it so such a bad thing to be my apprentice?" The witch's voice is gentle and calm.

Mae turns toward her. "You are mad."

"Yes, I may be but so is every genius and every powerful being. We do not comform to other people's ideals. That is why we can succeed while others fail. Mae, I am giving you a great opportunity. You can become a very powerful witch like me."

"I don't want to be like you. You're evil. You don't care about anyone but yourself. I just want my parents and Dash back." Mae looks directly into the witch's eyes. They are beautiful and they remind her of her father's eyes - that same bright violet hue. Her father. He had told her to remember a spell. Mae begins to chant, "Blood to blood, we call to thee, blood to blood, we obey thee, Blood to blood, we release thee." She repeats it two more times. Mae isn't sure what the spell will do but she trusts her father.

"What are you doing? Are you reciting a spell?" Sweetwater moves closer toward Mae.

Mae closes her eyes and continues chanting louder.

"Stop at once! Stop!" Sweetwater is screaming but Mae cannot stop. "Stop at once! Stop! No, no, no!"

Mae opens her eyes. She is lifted off the ground. She could not move but she continues to chant in her head. Blue clouds of smoke appears and surrounds the witch.

"What is this?! How did you...?! Nooooo!!!..." Sweetwater shrieks. In a moment the smoke disappears along with Sweetwater.

The ice around her parents unfreezes and soaks them whole. Henry shakes his head, letting the water drips off him. Meg runs to Mae and wraps her arms around her. "My baby." She squeezes Mae tightly.

"Mom, I need...to...breath." Water drips onto her head. She pulls herself away from her mother's grasp. "And you're all wet." The front of her shirt is soaked.

"I'm sorry, Mae. I'm so proud of you. Let me just..." Meg pulls at her long hair and squeezes out some water.

"I knew you could do it, Mae!" Henry grins at Mae. He rushes in to hug Mae. "Oops, sorry." Henry lets Mae go. "I'm all wet." Meg just stares at him with her lips in a straight line.

Dash walks over. He is soaked but he smiles at Mae. She pulls him into a hug. Dash hardly moves. She pulls away quickly. She is mostly soaked but happy.

"Where did the witch go?" Dash asks.

Mae has no idea. She turns to her father. "Dad?"

Henry answers with, "Well, that is kind of hard to say. The spell should transported her somewhere far like Australia or maybe New Zealand."

Dash nods his head. "Wicked." He smiles at Mae who just shrugs her shoulders.

"What place were you thinking Mae when you said the spell?" Henry asks Mae.

"Thinking?" Mae hasn't been thinking at all. She just said the spell and hoped the witch would just go away.

"Nevermind, Mae. Henry, what was that spell?" Meg isn't smiling.

Henry loses his smile and replies with, "A witch's spell. It was my mother's. She used it to banish her in-laws once."

"I could have used it. Why didn't you tell me about it?" Meg shakes her head.

"I would but you can't use it on Sweetwater."

"Why not?" Meg tightens her lips together.

"Only a blood descendants can make it work. You're not related to Sweetwater."

"Dad, this witch that almost destroyed our family is your great-grandmother?" Mae doesn't really want to know but she have to ask. Meg tilts her head at him.

Henry shrugs his shoulders. "I swear I didn't know about her. My mother never said a word. Well, maybe she did said a few words but nothing worthy of mention only that she is kind of evil. And besides, she is gone now."

"But she might be back," Mae is certain of that. Sweetwater didn't seem like someone who gives up easily.

"Perhaps, perhaps not. Let's not worry about that." Henry smiles at his daughter.

Mae nods her head and smiles up at him. "But it would have been nice to learn from her even if she is a bit evil and she is, afterall, my great-great-grandmother," Mae says.

Dash nods his head.

"Now honey..." Henry begins but Meg has taken Mae's hand and heads toward the door. "Let's go home. I need to take a nap or two. Henry, you take Dash home."

"Honey, you're not still mad?"

"Henry, we are going home and I do not want to talk to you for 24 hours."

"Good luck, Dad," Mae says and grins at him. "And do you remember where Dash lives? On the east side, not the west, east side."

"Yes, I remember. But honey...?"

But Mae and Meg has already gone out the front door. Philly appears at Mae's feet. "Where have you been?" Philly just looks up at Mae with his lazy eyes. She didn't need him after all. She leans down to rub his back.

Henry turns to Dash. "Dash, have I told you about the time I fought three witches and a warlock?" Dash shakes his head. "No, Mr. Tilly." He follows Henry outside.

"Right, I didn't because no one was suppose to know I'm a warlock. Well, Dash let me tell you all about it now." They turn right. Dash looks over his shoulders at Mae who is looking back at him. She smiles and he smiles back.

"Dash, are you listening?"

Dash turns back. "Yes, Mr. Tilly."

"Well, Dash, it all starts with a maiden, well, you know all stories starts with a maiden..." Dash laughs silently inside. It is going to be a long walk home.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


  1. All's well that ends well. Nice fiction.

  2. Well that was FANTASTIC! I love witch stories... they still scare me a bit even as an adult :) A big surprise Dad is a warlock. Perfect ending... you are an excellent writer!


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