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January 26, 2017

January 26: Popularity

More about the 20 Days of Chill over here

I don't have any real writing today, just a list > Popular topics I'll never blog about:

01/ Politics - I don't like reading about it so why would I write about it?

02/ Celebrities/Famous people - unless you have created something amazing, there is no way I'll write about you

03/ Fashion/Beauty/Home Decor - I don't care to share what I'm wearing or how I decorate my home or my (non-existence) beauty routine

04/ Video posts - you're never going to see me do videos, to be honest, I don't even watch when other people post them

05/ Recipes - can't cook to save my life so no recipes, seriously if kettles don't make noises, I won't even know if the water had boiled

06/ Advices - unless it's on blog designs or books I have read, I doubt I would be able to you give any advice

07/ Hateful/awful things - I try not to post anything that gets me mad because my blog is a haven and I don't need unnecessary anger or bad stuff, although, I will rant about certain things that needs to be said

What won't you talk about in your blog?

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