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January 23, 2017

January 23: Cheese

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Fiction: A Cloud of Desire

Hank watches the cheese melt onto the meat patty. It is 2:57 and lunch is almost over. He watches the cheese melt and let it become a puddle on the meat.

Beth the waitress calls for a new burger order. He drops down another meat patty and places two slices of cheese on top with some barbecue sauce and watches it merge with the cheese.

He has been taking orders all day and now all he wants to do is watch things melt. To Hank, cheese is like a cloud of desire - something you want but when you get it, it disappears on you or worse, it rains on you.

The kitchen is an oven most days and today is hotter than ever. After finishing two more burgers, Hank walks out the back door to take in a breather. The hot sun beams down on him making him sweat more.

Was it just yesterday he was in Hawaii eating desserts and enjoying the nomad life? But here he is. He has since quit his travel agent job and spent most of his money. Being a cook isn't so bad if not for hot days like these. If only he had listened to himself and gone north instead of south.

"Hank!" Beth calls. "Orders needs to be fill. Now!"

"Yeah, I'm coming!" Hank responds. He sighs and wonders what vacation deals he could get for fifty dollars.

Note: Hank was briefly mentioned over here.

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