"My life is spent in one long effort to escape from the commonplaces of existence." ― Sir Arthur Conan Doylen, Sherlock Holmes
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January 16, 2017

January 16: Selfie nation

More about the 20 Days of Chill over here

Fiction: Relish

Ana happily hit the send button. When it is done, she relishes the thought of everyone from high school looking at her selfie especially the five individuals that she had added special treatments to the emails. The selfie was taken from her left side, her better side. The side where everyone thought was too horrible to capture in a photo.

On the day of the reunion, Ana is the last to arrive. Everyone turns to stare at her as she walks toward the center of the old school gym. She ignores them. She looks for the five individuals that she especially came here to see. The three men and two women stood around like kings and queens in their expensive gowns and tuxs. Ana strides toward them.

The five are chatting about the emails they had received. They appear upset but they stop talking when they notice Ana is there. Ana compliments them on their clothes with a smile. But then she asks if they know who she is but they all shake their heads. Ana just laughs and turns to each one of them and tells them what they did to her in high school. It takes a while but the five of them soon nods their head and widens their smiles. They have all bullied Ana with all the bitterness of kings and queens but they are smiling carelessly as if any real recognition is not needed. This irks Ana more than their forgetfulness. They turn away from her when the music stops.

The police has arrived. They give Ana the attention she wants. She easily surrenders. There is no way she would deny her crime. She wants them all to know she is the culprit, she is the brain behind all those email viruses. She is the one destroying their future instead of the other way around.

As her wrists are being cuffed, Ana smooths down her long hair and lifts her head high. A spotlight falls upon her. She walks through the parting crowd with a smile on her face.


  1. Oh the irony! After arresting her, they are gonna take pretty unfavourable pictures from her left and right side ;-)

    1. Oh so true. But then again, she may smile and enjoy it anyway.

  2. YEAAAAA ANA!!!!! Love the end!

  3. Bullying, especially in school, is a horrible thing. That they didn't recognize her was bad enough, but to show no shame...as adults. I guess revenge felt sweet, but it is sad she had to ruin her life to get it.


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