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January 12, 2017

January 12: Booze and bongos

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Fiction: A Pair of Misfits

Booze is white with patches of black along the side of his face and down his front right leg. He is rather shy but genial. His companion Bongo is reddish-brown with white stripes. Together they travel from place to place looking for the perfect owner or as Bongo puts it, 'the perfect pet for them to own.'

Back then, Bongo had no name. One night while wandering the city, he happened upon a man playing bongos on the street. The crowd cheered and laughed. Bongo thought if people like bongos so much, perhaps it should be his name.

But people or rather, humans, have no taste for a reddish-brown cat with white stripes. Whenever they saw Bongo, they appeared to screw up their face as if seeing something foul. They chased Bongo away but Bongo just shrugged. He didn't need those idiots.

Booze was once a beloved kitten but when he got older, he was traded for a human baby. His owner tried to sell him without success. One day, Booze was driven toward the city and set free on the streets. He tried several times to get back home but he couldn't find the right path. For weeks, he just wandered the streets hoping for a miracle but he never saw his owner or his owner's family again.

One wet day, Booze saw a reddish-brown cat with white stripes dozing like a king on the sidewalk. Once in a while, someone would reach out and pet him, usually a child, but the cat did not stir. Booze was rather curious and so he walked up to the cat and introduced himself. His owner had name him Cottonball. But Bongo said 'Cottonball' did not fit anymore. Booze looked like discarded rubbish. Booze thought Bongo was not wrong. He did looked like he had been through the trash and came out all dirty and wet. Bongo immediately suggested the name Booze. Everyone loves booze so why not Booze? Booze didn't care, he was just glad he made a friend.

After years of searching, neither one found the perfect owner and Bongo and Booze just remained unattached except to each other.


  1. glad they had each other.

  2. Awwwww that is so sad! I have volunteered over the years for a dog rescue... I was hoping they would find a furever home! But even though they didn't they had each other. What a wonderful take on the theme!

  3. Booze and Bongo perfectly fit into the "Pets" movie that aired last summer! Lots of stray and pet cats, each one had a story to tell!

  4. Well it's good they have one another ... else it would be lonely wandering!


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